The Flat

The Flat ★★★

A very simply documentary about a man digging into his family’s history. That aspect of the film could have been condensed since it was slow and kind of boring. 

The history aspect could have been expanded on, since that was the interesting part. If he was going to narrowly focus on his own family, make that short, but talking about The Holocaust, emigration from Germany, immigration to Palestine, and the changing of that region into eventual Israel, is the interesting part. So many people involved, so many lives affected. It could have felt more universal and really made an impact. But just focusing on the one family, the one narrator, the one family tree, isn’t enough to generate a full length documentary film. 

It does bring up a lot about family histories, generational gaps, etc, but it’s themes aren’t enough alone for it to be on par with great documentaries that have come out in the streaming service era.

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