Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★

Lake Mungo is a film I’d heard considerable praise for. People kept saying “this film haunted me”, or “this film traumatized me”, or that this was “one of the most unsettling films ever made”. I will happily let others keep their own opinions on this film, but to me, it just did not live up to expectations. Essentially, what you have here, is a cinematic crockpot of elements inspired by Ghost Adventures, Forensic Files, and Dora the Explorer, in a movie that aims to focus at the extreme mundaneness of this mysterious death, while also showing you unnerving home footage, and then hitting you over the head every time to make sure to ask “did you catch that?” or “did you think it was here? Because it’s actually here!” I will concede that the mocumentary was shot well enough. The actors are believable. The home video does get a bit unsettling at times - I do genuinely think the cell phone video everyone singles out as the best scare of the film is very effective. The plot is very meandering, until it starts to twist itself up into a pretzel with misdirect after misdirect. Like I said, every time the film cut back to a previous video to show us something else we were really supposed to be paying attention to, it felt like a script that really didn’t value my intelligence, and I didn’t care for that. The movie was okay but I sadly didn’t see where it earned all of the praise it was given.

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