Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★★

Japanuary 2022 🇯🇵

Part XXI — シン・ゴジラ

I couldn’t have a Japanese film challenge without at least one Gojira film. So of course I had to go with my favorite one. This is actually I think my fifth watch and only second review after reviewing it just last year in preparation for the release of Godzilla vs. Kong.

To this day this is still the best Gojira I’ve seen, hands down!! 🙌

I love how you can track Gojira’s movements through the prefecture and all the different wards. No matter what you always know where he is, starting in the Tokyo Bay, then wreaking havoc through Kamata & Shinagawa before returning to the sea. Only to return through Sagami Bay and completely annihilate Meguro, Minato, Chiyoda & other various wards with his atomic breath. 🤯🤯

Not only can it destroy Legendary’s version up and down the pacific and hollow earth, but this one doesn’t have all that nonsense filler of familial bullshit that plagues Legendary’s version.

This one just has bickering bureaucrats scheduling meeting after meeting trying to keep up with Gojira’s evolutions. 

Which is another cool aspect I love about this film, having Gojira have evolution really paces this movie well. Starting off slow, it just builds and builds until it crescendos.

Also Satomi Ishihara looking mighty fwine in this, if she tan for prez, I would def vote for her. 😍😍

My only gripe is that it’s been 6 years now and we still have not gotten a sequel from Toho. Not sure what the deal is with Legendary’s contract is with Toho. I read somewhere that the deal was Toho can’t make any films while Legendary is making theirs, but Legendary has been quite since the release of Godzilla vs. Kong. So come on Toho, bring Gojira back home and make this sequel. 

I know Anno has been busy with his Evangelion remakes and the Shin Kamen Rider reboot (which seems like it’s been in production forever) but damn get somebody to make a sequel. The people have to know what’s going on with that tail!! 🧐🧐

Did I mention the music!?!? Hearing all the those classic themes really makes this Gojira the best.


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