Skyfall ★★★★★

Introducing My Grandma to The Craig Collection & Prepping for No Time to Die

Part III — Skyfall

I definitely love Casino Royale, but man, Skyfall is probably the best out of them. (Not including No Time to Die, since I haven’t seen it yet.)

This one just has it all, the locations are rad, Javier Bardem straight slays as one of the best Bond-Villains.

Did I mention this one has the best song out of the Craig collection! And yes that is compared to whatever attempt Eilish did. Adele went all out with that one. 

Plus this one introduces, Q, Moneypenny, and a new M, what more could you ask for. 👌

Even my grandma loved this one, paying attention to the whole movie vs hardly paying attention to Quantum of Solace.

And of course Albert Finney comes through and makes his small role memorable. Even Bond girl, Severine is super memorable in her three or four scenes.

Brosnan might be my gen’s Bond, but Craig is definitely the most athletic so far. The guy is crazy for doing the stunts he does.

Only one more to go before I can take my Grandma to the theaters to see Craig’s final portrayal.


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