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  • The Girl and The Gun

    The Girl and The Gun


    Needed more of the Girl and less of the Gun.

    Janine Gutierrez was good, but Urian-worthy? Not so much.

  • Friends: The Reunion

    Friends: The Reunion


    Great first and last 10 minutes. Bawled my eyes out. Way too many fillers. I would have wanted 5 more minutes of Janice, Richard, and the Gellers than a segment of David Beckham explaining why he’s a Monica or knowing that a BTS dude learned English from watching the show. Those table readings and the quiz game were perfect. Felt very much like deja vu. They had a ton of guest stars that mattered to their fans and they chose…

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  • Never Not Love You

    Never Not Love You


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My notes on Never Not Love You:

    1. You know how in a relationship you’re willing to look beyond the faults of your partner simply because you really like/love the other person? I felt the exact same way about this gorgeously-shot, well-told long-distance relationship film that was eerily similar to Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy from its London setting down to the bittersweet montage of memories ending. It couldn’t have been all just a coincidence, right?

    2. For a love team…

  • Eerie



    As scary as an unflushed toilet.

    It was nothing more than a mishmash of every horror movie that you’ve already seen. Except that this one starred The Sacred Riana.

    I wish it focused more on the important issues (mental health/depression, death penalty, homosexuality vis a vis Catholicism), but its idea of being smart was naming a character Erica (nicknamed Eri like Eerie, of course!) Sayco (as in Norman Bates).

    To be fair, I watched it in a packed theater and the audience lapped up every cheap scare thrown at them. Mga valak twoooooaaaahhhhh!!