The first series of the MCU now initiates phase 4. Wanda and Vision are certainly among the characters in the MCU who have so far remained below their potential, so it makes perfect sense to prepare the right stage for them in the form of a series.

After two episodes, of course, a final judgment is not possible, so no rating yet. I liked the idea of ​​telling the story in the form of a classic 1950s sitcom at the beginning, even if it definetely won't stay that way, that's for sure. Still, that's creative and brings a breath of fresh air to the MCU. The first two episodes were accordingly funny and charming, especially the magic show in episode 2 was really very entertaining.

However, it quickly becomes clear that nothing here is what it seems at first glance. That definitely makes me want to see the upcoming episodes. Overall, that was a promising start, so much can be said. Let's see what's behind all this and how the story will develop in the future.

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