Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★½

The fact this came less than a year after the original (only a week away from being exactly a year) and is a horror sequel and it was this good is amazing. The opening is incredible, and I love the movie theater setting with all the horror fans. One of the best meta commentaries in a franchise known for it. The kills are bloodier and better just like Randy says. I really liked Dewey and Gale's chemistry more than I've ever noticed, they have a great back and forth, and it's just fun seeing Dewey really dislike Gale. Sidney is still my favorite final girl, and I still love Randy. I like the addition of Cotton Weary. Liev Schreiber's performance felt a bit awkward to me, but I think it makes sense given his character's situation. When it comes to the killer reveal, I'd say I like it enough, it's decent, I just wish that there was more of a mystery with Ghostface. After listening to the commentary for the original a few days ago, it made me realize how much a first time viewer could doubt themselves with who Ghostface is. This movie, it feels like there was less of that, which is a major flaw imo, however it's probably bc of rushed production. Other than that, this movie felt a lot slower than the original. I won't keep comparing the 2 movies, although even outside of that, it feels real slow, but never boring. And yeah, the singing scene in the lunchroom did feel out of place tonally. So for this second watch, it was slightly disappointing. I still enjoyed overall, but I won't watch it too often due to the pacing above all.

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