Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

i’m so undecided about this. the first act felt like the worst of tarantino (paceless, poor editing, smug) but everything that succeeded brad pitt driving to hippy squat spahn studio ranch felt far more akin to tarantino’s best. this could (and should) have been film lovers’ favourite tarantino, the historical setting is terrifyingly fascinating and alluring, and SHARON TATE!! is a CHARACTER!! this film loves hollywood too much for its own good that it forgot to film . but all in all i’ve decided i did really like this, even if sharon tate was robbed of the mia wallace treatment by way of an iconic and brilliant subplot that competes with the larger narrative. nevertheless, the more i piece it all together and remember specific scenes (the little girl actor comforting rick, leo dicaprio sipping from a blender, brad pitt’s acid dipped cigarette) the more i remember enjoying it a lot. the bad definitely doesn’t outweigh the brilliance, though it easily could have. anyway, give brad pitt his oscar

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