Sorcerer ★★★★

I almost loved this movie, but unlike The Wages of Fear, I did not really care too much about the characters in the end. The film was really well shot, and I liked the color palette. The bridge scene was my favorite scene, as it was incredibly tense throughout, with extreme close-ups of objects to amp up the tension, just like in Wages of Fear. I really loved the first 30 minutes of Sorcerer. It provided an incredibly different feel from Wages that I really felt invested in. After much backstory and setting up the main conflict, the characters seemed to fall flat and felt uninteresting, other than their ways of overcoming certain obstacles. The pacing was really great, and I never felt bored once. One big difference between this and Wages of Fear was the ending. I did not think this was a bad ending, but it didn't really make me feel any emotion behind it. At least it was better than the ending of Wages of Fear, which had a really stupid ending, so I will give Sorcerer some credit there. Ultimately, Sorcerer starts as an amazing film, but winds up being only a really good film by the end. Not a terrible remake, and there are some scenes that I really loved, but I just don't think it was better than the original (even though the ending was better than the original's).

The music by Tangerine Dream was also really great by the way.


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