Romance at Lung Shan Temple

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This review may contain spoilers.

A musical comedy about the reconciliation of benshengren/waishengren (Taiwanese and Mainlanders arriving at Taiwan during 1940s) cultural differences that can be compared to the HK filmmaker Wong Tin-lam's North-South Trilogy (The Greatest Civil War on Earth, 1961; The Greatest Wedding on Earth, 1962, and The Greatest Love Affair on Earth (1964)), which was written by Eileen Chang the Shanghaiese writer and thematised the cultural differences between Cantonese and Northerners (Beijing people).

The film has an interesting and perhaps unique mix of Mandarin and Taiyu (Taiwanese-language) and is about two friends-who-turned-out-to-be-biological-brothers chasing a waisheng (Mainlander) girl, Hsiao-fang. The cafe scene at the end esp. evokes a scene in Wong's N/S Trilogy. But that series is much better.

Also interesting is that usu. waishengren (Mainlanders) are stereotyped as "elites" and enjoyed more resources than that benshengren (Taiwanese). But in this film, the latter is presented as a more well-to-do family than the village family (Mainlanders). I guess this may be because this's a taiyupian instead of one of those Mandarin propaganda films produced by the KMT government.

Watched as part of the online film fest "Dreaming Impossible Dreams" between 18 and 31 May 2022: (need VPN outside US)

Thanks Jang for the rec! X

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