2021 Ranked 

I had a good time seeing this, generally speaking. The screening was free and in IMAX, the actress who played Sprite showed up, and the audience was good. Despite my non stop hating of this movie for months, I had an open mind, and for the first half, I had some problems but for the most part I was having a good time but then it fell off and it ended up being complete fucking ass!!!! 

There were a lot of interesting ideas that weren’t explored in any ways above mediocre at best, most of the characters felt empty and bland with the exception of Druig, solely because Barry Keoghan fucking rules. The story in general could’ve been really cool but the execution was so fucking bland, like there’s so much cool shit and potential in here but it’s done in the most bland way possible. There’s like 3 cool scenes at most. The way that Bill Skarsgård was wasted should be considered a federal crime.


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