Enola Holmes ★★

Summary: Better than Holmes and Watson, but still forgettable. 

I’m alone and I just ate three pounds of cupcakes, so I’m high on sugar.

Honestly thought we were over the Sherlock revamps, but a Sherlock movie just needs average dialogue and an average plot to be good so I get it. Too bad this movie had three plots and all of them weren’t nearly as baked as my cupcakes. And LISTEN...I like witty dialogue in a British accent just as much as the next person. Too bad this movie has none.

Breaking the fourth wall alone isn’t wit. 

I honestly just rate movies based on how badly I cringe...and in Ebola there were times where I clenched my cupcake from cringing too hard. 

Yeah not gonna fix that autocorrect. 

Go watch it alone if you got 2 freaking hours to spend...(which you might, I did, not judging)

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