The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★

“When I was a kid, we all wore our hats backwards. We thought it was cool.”
(Not a quote from this movie though)

This was a first watch at 3 am, you know, so I would not be bothered by the mailman or the train passing by (because sometimes it passes by [just three blocks away] so loud that I cannot think clear and the pictures on the screen do not match with the ideas on the back of my head)

You know? Those feelings are so true. And I say it without hesitation. It is just that we don’t usually live like that; pushing the dead leaves with our hands just because we want to hear the sound of them being pushed.

At the very least we step on them.

Some of us really appreciate the sound of dead leaves crushing inside our bare hands. Then opening the palms. Then close. Then to the air.

Also there are people who genuinely does that, you know?

Like Weronika.

And Irène Jacob to whom we owe this lively story.

And Véronique, of course.

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