The Night House

The Night House ★★★

The always great Rebecca Hall anchors the effective “The Night House,” an old-fashioned ghost story that reveals unimaginable truths after a shocking loss. Owing more to films like “Carnival of Souls” and “The Innocents” than most recent genre fare, it’s a very impressive mood generator, the kind of movie that wants you to be unsettled from very nearly its first frame all the way through its final one, and it mostly gets that job done. In terms of sheer craft, it’s the best work yet from David Bruckner (“The Ritual”) as he precisely slides his camera through the increasingly discomfiting life of a woman who is learning that she may actually be safer now with her husband haunting than she was living in the same house as him. With top-notch sound design to truly amplify the experience, this is a must-see for horror fans, one of the better genre pics of 2021.