A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

oh my fucking god! this movie was killing me. jesus christ, my anxiety can’t handle this much.

“there’s nothing left.”

this is the first movie i watch in theatre after lockdown and i’m so grateful for it, i’m so happy about that! about the movie, i think it was so great in every way possible, seriously.

it was written so perfectly and everything was just insane! i need to calm down ‘cause that was way too much for me. finally a sequel that’s just as good as the first movie, fucking awesome.

if you wonder why this one has a higher score than the first one, i really don’t know, maybe i liked this one more bc i watched it on the theatre, and i was really hyped, idk, both are great anyways.

“there are people out there, people worth saving.”

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