Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

I kid you not, this is the next great movie of this generation.

"Evelyn, I'm not your husband. I'm another version of him from another universe. I'm here because we need your help."

Fervently original and unapologetically weird, the filmmaking duo aptly named 'Daniels' have made a creative masterwork only possible because they probably picked out every single emotion from the multiverse and piled them into a controlled, incoherent, cohesive, chaotic, singular movie. It had me sweating from laughter, almost crying, laughing while almost crying, and with my jaw dropped or my smile beaming throughout its entire runtime. It's an uncompromising and wild vision that shakes the screen and screams its way into my heart.

It's sheer excess is only overshined by its absolute earnestness. Its deeply human and nuanced message is told through such an exciting and bombastic way, ultimately circling back to a theme that I'm certain cannot be told in a better fashion. I could tell you it was blunt, but this movie is anything but subtle. It's absurd, uncomfortable, overflowing with style, an action masterpiece?!, and filled with homages (arthouse fans rejoice), while still managing to be poignant and controlled.

It'd be a miracle if it was pieced together half as well as it is and I could sing its praises even further, but for the sake of stopping my rambling, I'll leave you with a parting thought: movies can be as weird as they can try, attempting to grab your attention with flash, but very rarely are they so utterly wholehearted. I could nitpick it but flaws falls to the wayside, because focusing on those would be missing the masterpiece that's right in front of your googly eyes.

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