Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder ★★★★★

The ending everyone wanted and the ending we received. Five Hitchcock's in and every time I watch a film of his it makes me appreciate the suspense he masters throughout his films and the detail he gives to his characters. Grace Kelly captures your attention every time she's on screen and is a wonderful actor to be able to experience. This is actually my favourite Hitchcock I've seen so far as I don't feel it drags on in certain scenes for to long compared to some of the others and I just love how the ending plays out, I think it is flawless (It obviously may have its flaws but on a raw watching experience I think everything seems perfect). I love all the films I've seen so far by this man and considering there are many directors who people consider as good or better around this age of 'Old Hollywood' makes me so intrigued to delve into this age of film.