Gone Girl ★★★★½

Hats off to Fincher for being able to keep the suspense for such a long run time which is incredibly hard for any film, but especially a mystery thriller as it so easy for the audience to get uninterested and at not one point in this I felt bored, I was apprehensive the whole time! I also like how Fincher is able to use popular cultural figures (By this I mean social media models, musicians ect.) such as Emily Ratajkowski who has a small role, but doesn't feel out of place and Justin Timberlake starring in The Social Network, because they could easily deliver bland tasteless performances but Fincher is able to get the most out of them for their roles. Very good film, but not quite perfect in my opinion.
Also shout out to Rosamund Pike repping the U.K. so well. Legendary actress but her best role will always be Johnny English!

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