The Peanut Butter Falcon ★★★★

I need to watch more feel good films as this has left a bright mark on my day. Really nice to see Dakota Johnson fulfilling her talents in well written and directed films as I thought she had ruined her chances of a good acting career with her role in the fifty shades trilogy. The thing I love a lot about this is that it uses an actor with down syndrome because in the film industry there is a lack of roles being given for people with disabilities which I think is extremely sad because we have accepted that only people suitable for big roles are actors who tick the box of being perfect. Zack Gottsagen showed he is as good as anybody else on this film with a superb performance and there are no reasons why he shouldn't star in more films. Shia LeBeouf is obviously an extremely good actor and I feel he is one of the few people who can pull his role of as effectively as he did. Loved this a lot!

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