War Dogs ★★★½

Jonah Hill's laugh in this is just so funny for no reason. Todd Phillips delivers an interesting take at a biopic but he doesn't have the fully fledged skills Scorsese has that allows the 'bad guy' to win over the audience (E.g. in WOWS the character of Belfort wins us over with his charm and we feel bad for him in a way as the film progresses to it's climax whereas I don't feel any sad emotions seeing the 'good guy' Miles Teller getting arrested). The second half falls apart here fairly badly as it loses its charm, Bradley Cooper was a bad choice for the role he played and it just felt a bit lifeless. Despite that, the first half was hilarious and considering it was Phillips directing and him choosing two new school 'comedy' actors in Hill and Teller, should I have interpreted this more of a comedic biopic instead of a serious biopic?!