Beauty and the Beast ★★★★★

I was stupidly excited about this since it was announced and even though this gave me plenty of time to overhype it in my mind, I didn’t walk out disappointed.

It is largely a one for one retelling of the original (some scenes are shot for shot, the songs are the same) which for many people may be a negative but they did it in a way that took advantage of the live action format and new technologies. They patched up the plot holes and other things people nit pick about the original (e.g. he was just a 10 year old boy, how did everyone forget about that huge castle over there etc, it's her favourite book but she's only read it twice?).

This still comes with challenges, especially in that the story itself doesn't date well and it's hard to patch over the parts of the story that make people cry ‘But Stockholm syndrome!!!" They added some more backstory and a character development which adds to the relationship. There is still a bit of a weird factor where it feels like it all happens in the space of a couple of days.

Cinematically, it is the beautiful, high quality you’d expect from Disney. The music, the set, the costuming, the CG, fantastic cast - loved it all. I pushed for to see it in 3D even though I still have a hard time seeing it as more than a gimmick in any film - it still feels a bit like shots are done for the sake of ‘LOOK IT’S 3D WE CAN MAKE THINGS FLY OUT OF THE SCREEN AT YOU.’ It works well for the shots of the castle but anything else still feels forced and confusing when trying to figure out where to look that’s in focus.

Overall I walked out very happy. It felt very Disney, still had all the feels, all the ups and downs and I may have shed a few tears.