Cinderella ★★★★★

Okay, I confess, I'm a little Disney obsessed. I loved it the first time, loved it just as much the second time and can imagine happily watching it again many times in both the near and distant future.

I rewatched the original Disney animated version before watching the new movie for comparison sake. This movie blends the fantastical with the live action in a powerful way - the mice don't speak, sing or dance but they are still full of personality and character.

It strikes a good balance between the original Grimm tale and the sugar coated animated version - a lot darker but not to the point of toes being cut off to fit the slipper. It takes you on all the right emotional highs and lows and kept me absolutely enthralled.

Costume, set, music, everything is beautiful. There is nothing I can fault. If this is how well they do the rest of the live action reboots, I absolutely can't wait for Beauty and the Beast in 2017.