American Honey

American Honey ★★★★

"I've been trying to be Christian but I can see that the devil has a hold of the two of you." - Laura with the devil girl,

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Thank you Shia! The rat tail hairstyle needs to come back in a big way. I'll take a rat tail over a man bun any day!

An 18 year old girl leaves a desperate situation to join a pack of traveling magazine subscription gypsies through America in a van. Along the way she learns things about her life and her relationships and that's it, not much else happens but it's great. It didn't not, didn't not feel 2 hours and 40 minutes (sorry) and I was up and down with the soundtrack, but other than that I adored this film. There is something so identifiable about the desire to just abandon everything and try something new and this film taps into the secret quality that exists in most people.

Is it weird that I was annoyed that Star wasn't a better salesperson? Yeah I think it's weird. There is a detached realism to this film, where at times it almost feels like a documentary. Andrea Arnold likes to let the camera roll on and on and on and I think most of the time that works, except for the few times that it doesn't. I don't always enjoy the cinematography porn approach to movies but here it works for the most part because stuff is still happening and the two leads, Sasha Lane and Shia LeBeouf, are too charismatic to lose your focus.

Definite recommend.

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