Annette ★★★★

"What's your fucking problem?" -Henry McHenry,

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Bo Burnham burn.

There is a part about an hour in when Marion Cotillard is singing a song to her weird uncanny valley baby while spinning around that I just decided to stop overthinking this and let it happen to me.... I'm glad I did. Leos Carax makes films that are very different and very weird and I really appreciate him for that. I don't need to fully understand a film to enjoy it... I just don't. I don't get everything that Lynch puts out for example or all of Charlie Kaufman's work. I just need a basic theme and as long as everything else kicks ass I can typically vibe with it. For me, everything in Annette kicks ass and therefore I really vibed with it.

Anyways... Annette rules. The music is so fucking good and Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard are fantastic in it. While I found the documentary on Sparks to be a little boring I love their music and the songs, with the exception of the super strong opener, get better as the film progresses. Carax creates looks and feels in film that are just different than everything else and I really love that about him. Annette looks slick and beautiful and the direction is outstanding.

I just feel like most of the objections to the film are so normie and puritan. Ew they showed a sex act that I have weird issues with... bad movie. Oh no that baby looks creepy... bad movie. What's with all the singing... bad movie. Well to quote my new favorite comedian Henry McHenry what's your fucking problem? I just wish more people would unclinch and embrace weirdness in art given that art is one of the only areas of life we are allowed to be really weird and different without facing potentially dire repercussions. If this is too much for you just go watch Forrest Gump and The Shawshank Redemption again and leave movies like this alone.

Yes, I think so.

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