Blood and Chocolate ★★

"You want to be ordinary? You're not ordinary... just ask the animal inside of you" -Aiden,

- Daily Horror Hunt:

I'm progressive, I'd date a werewolf.

Sometimes young people have to figure out things on their own. Vivian is a werewolf... but she's also a teenage girl. She has to balance love, her family's secret, and werewolf horror in her dramatic YA world. This is a really good movie without the good parts. It takes itself a bit too seriously but lacks the actors and production values to do so.

The world building is pretty boring and in general the script is super basic but perhaps the biggest disappointment is the wolves... which are just wolves. They aren't like super big wolves, or bipedal walking wolves, or entertainingly dumb looking wolves... they are just wolves and wolves are not that scary looking on the screen. This needed a bigger budgt.

I'm all about YA messes so this should be for me but it's forgettable. Not a recommend.

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