Bride of the Monster

"There's no such things as monsters. This is the 20th century." -Newsman,

DAY SIXTEEN:"On August 16, 1956 Bela Lugosi passed away. Let's watch a horror movie that he starred in."

Rest in peace Bela Lugosi. In his final role, Lugosi plays disgraced nuclear scientist Dr. Eric Vornoff, who has kidnapped people to create a nuclear man. The doctor also has a giant octopus and a man beast. Also a reporter is trying to figure out what's up with everything and gets caught and that's the "plot" I guess.

This is one of Ed Wood's famously bad films but I just don't like his stuff the way some do, I keep trying. If you have watched the Tim Burton movie, Ed Wood, that makes watching this movie a fairly interesting experience. Not a recommend unless you're just curious like I was. The extra half star is for Lugosi and the Lobo character.