Captain Marvel ★★★

"The only sin is mediocrity.” - Martha Graham (NIF)

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So that's how he got the eye-patch huh? Okay.

So now the MCU can legally drink in America! It's been so much fun to see it grow up. I really, really, really love Brie Larson but real talk y'all, I didn't enjoy this very much. Jude Law is boring. Prequels are often abysmal reference toilets and this did not dispel that idea. Digitally making people look younger is always creepy. LOOK IT'S A CAT!!!!!!!! DID YOU SEE THE CAT?!?!?! Let's write a scene around a song title.

I think it is likely that I will learn to like this film given the fact that it is a setup for the next Avengers and I'll come to learn more about her but whew it just felt a little stale. I think I place the blame mostly on editing and score but the special effects are among the worst since Phase I. I hope Captain Marvel gets a dozen sequels so that this can be my 13th favorite Captain Marvel film.

Also, it's 2019, if this character is gay then fly the flag please.

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