Dear Evan Hansen

Dear Evan Hansen ★★

"Maybe we could talk about other things?" - Zoe Murphy,

- 2021 Ranked:

I have never seen the musical or heard a song from this musical but I watched the film and here are some quick, spoiler free thoughts.

(1) The casting of Ben Platt is even more problematic than I expected it to be.... it's not just silly it kind of impacts the tone and believability of the film. I get why he wanted to be a part of this but dammit he looks way too old so it just feels like a creepy man is doing all this stuff instead of a believably naive teen... and that makes the movie feel different.

(2) Mental health could be better presented... just saying.

(3) I don't understand most of the appeal of this story. Like structurally it is fine but it just feels so cruel, despite the message overall being kind of solid. It deals with issues in ways that I don't especially like. For example, "If I could tell her" is a weird moment in the film that I just couldn't get into or enjoy the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

(4) For "You Will be Found" .... did anyone else notice that it's a ripoff of Flashlight from the movie Pitch Perfect 2 (which Ben Platt is in). If that's common knowledge my bad but it sticks out like a sore thumb.

(5) It feels like this movie could turn Christian at any second and that created a lot of uncomfortable suspense for me.

(6) Movies about sad white kids is such a rough genre for me, and then you add music...

(7) The music is whiny people music and not my thing.

(8) Without going into spoilers I will simply say that I found the ending to this film to be unfulfilling and annoying. The way that the script deals with issues like recovering from trauma and forgiveness just don't quite sit right with me.

TLDR: Not for me, kind of bad. Go climb a tree instead.