Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★★½

On Netflix right now. Second watch of this film. Dr. Strange is a solid and unique effort for the MCU.

As someone that has read a few Dr. Strange comics (not a huge fan, but some) I can say that Benedict Cumberbatch really nails this role. While I hate that Tilda Swinton whitewashed out what could have been a great role for an Asian actor (as the Ancient One is in the comics) I can not complain about any specific aspect of her performance.

The special effects are wonderful and the world creation is interesting. As much of a fan as I am of the overall MCU I like these films where we get a chance to see the development of another character not be rushed but have the ability to exist outside of this 36 hour lead up to Infinity Wars.

People can say these films are formulaic but what genre isn't? In this particular world, I enjoyed the emphasis on spirituality and magic and will probably give this film a third watch some day.

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