Fantastic Planet ★★★★

"Since I had brought the headphone of knowledge to the Big Tree the wizard opposed me from the start" - Someone.... it's all shit like that.

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This movie is even more fun if you pretend that it is what scientologists believe.

When my time comes, I hope I go down fighting giant blue aliens on a distant planet. The animation is outstanding and trippy and embodies the feel and look of 1970s cinema. If you just look at a single frame you may not be impressed but the motion adds this weird creepiness that I love. The score is electric jazz guitar mixed with sci fi noises and progressive rock... yeah that's a good thing.

Science fiction, the 1970s, and animation come together and the result is a total nerdgasm. If you are going to watch this though, I can't stress enough that this is an incredibly nerdy science fiction story about humans as a subservient race on a distant planet. Some people are going to call this boring, and they aren't wrong, it's just not their thing though. I personally love the story and it's marxist commentary on class oppression... and other stuff.

Absolutely a recommend.

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