Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★½

"So weird...weird...weird...so weird" - The photographer,

Conventional storytelling can go to hell!

YES YES YES and YES! Weird French stuff! In Holy Motors a man, for his job, takes on different personas throughout the day, completing a number of unusual tasks, all while driving from spot to spot in a giant preparations limo and it's awesome...it's so awesome everybody, I truly love this movie. It's rare that a film is willing to take such bold and unusual ideas and fully commit to them visually and dramatically.

This is an all around solid looking film with great direction. Holy Motors looks fantastic. It's really a visual feast with slick camera work that highlights the unusual and makes ugly stuff look pretty. The colors are wonderful in that they stand out but don't overwhelm the scenes like in some films... This could easily be a neon disaster but restraint saves it. All of the costumes and makeup (which there is a lot of) are top notch and give the film a nice creepy and highly competent vibe.

Denis Lavant is an actor that I am unfamiliar with but he acts his ass off in this film rotating between so many complex characters. His role is pivotal to the movie's success and he is not only effective but he elevates the material. The script is unique because this film is close to being an anthology but holds together a coherent concept that runs through all of the vignettes. The pacing is immaculate because you never linger in the same scenario for too long... right about when you've had your fill it moves on so the editor had great instincts.

Recommended to weirdos.

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