Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

"A grown man with a cat? Is that part of your act?" -Roland Turner

-Coen Verse Ranked:

I said "what a good kitty" about 200 times during this film.

I've never had the chance to have a romantic journey through poverty and homelessness but if I did I think it would go about like this. Inside Llewyn Davis is a film about a week in the life of a struggling folk singer who has burnt a number of bridges in his life. The Coen's really manage to catch the aimlessness vibe here and create a special film about what it means to live free and then have to accept the parameters of modern life and society

The Coen's direction feels so simple and straightforward that it easy to take for granted what they do, but this is a magnificent looking film with depth and beauty. The performances, specifically of Oscar Isaac, are among the best in their filmography and are key to the feelings of hope and hopelessness in the movie. I normally don't like folk music but I love how the songs are weaved into the film and I appreciate the value they have to the movie as a whole.

Overall I think what makes this special is that the viewer has the ability to identify so closely with the flawed protagonist of the film. Normally when I finish a Coen Brothers film I think to myself "clever" but after Inside Llewyn Davis I feel more melancholy. It's sad to watch dreams die and see younger people recognize that their dreams may not be attainable in the way they envisioned. It's a special film and I enjoyed it.

Absolutely watch.

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