Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

"it's turned out to be a bad time to be a nazi" - Yorki

- 2019 Ranked:

My imaginary friend growing up was Donald Trump, actually more annoying somehow... and also lots of nazi talk.

In Jojo Rabbit, a young nazi boy realizes that there is more to life than worshipping an ideology and a fuhrer. This film ate me alive and digested me it was so emotional and funny and just fucking good. Viewing hate through the eyes of a child is such a wonderful way to do something fresh with this subject matter. The satire is on point, there is a scene with Stephen Merchant that's iconic and people will be talking about for years and perhaps decades to come. Mostly, this film masters that perfect combination of sharp wit and emotion where you don't expect it that Taika is becoming famous for, rightly so.

Yes, recommend, this is great.

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