Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★


3rd Watch: I love this movie and long term it will probably be the 2019 release that I watch the most in my life. It's a lovely contained story with great performances and a satisfying ending. Three quick reasons.

(1) I may, or may not, be in love with Samara Weaving... don't tell my wife. I mean I'm not really in love with her but have you seen her in stuff? She is fucking amazing. She is so vibrant in every role. She's like Margot Robbie but with the comedic style of a Jim Carrey and the horror screaming ability of a Marilyn Burns. This film works because she works.

(2) A good supporting cast of people you don't mind dying. There is a part where Weaving's character gutterally screams "Fuck rich people" and you feel that so well in part because of the supporting cast of actors that can perfectly play that faux polite rich person bullshit.

(3) A suspenseful build up based on the dumbest of premises. I love that Ready or Not takes a very silly idea, playing hide and seek, and takes it to such extremes. That's what horror does better than any other genre... place searing social criticism into the most profane or bizarre premises. This movie finally gives hide and seek the horror treatment it deserves.

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