Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby ★★★★

"I'm livin' next door to the man who made Rosemary's Baby!" - Rick Dalton (nif),

- Daily Horror Hunt #15 (Sept. '19):
Clue #30: "Watch the most popular horror film in your watchlist."

The husband is so damn mean about her haircut, like for fuck's sake dude that haircut on Mia Farrow is iconic.

This is the only scenario not covered in the book "What to Expect When Expecting" but it's no more scary than half the shit in that book. A couple gets the most amazing apartment ever, but it comes with a weird past and annoying neighbors that want to be social all the time. Then the wife gets pregnant and it might be Satan's baby, in fact it's either Satan's baby or her creepy husband's baby. Then weirdness ensues. I think I like this film a lot.

This movie looks great and effectively uses score to build tension. The influence on films ranging from Troll 2 to Hereditary is clear and Rosemary's Baby is effectively a classic of the horror genre. The movie somehow manages to be slow and deliberate while feeling fast paced at the same time. Mia Farrow's performance is haunting and vulnerable and one of my favorite of the 1960s. The hair, makeup, sets, and costumes are divine and you feel the desire to be in the film. The themes of alienation, paranoia and gender isolation are powerful... it's a hell of a movie.

I've always found pregnancy horror to be especially impacting because of the loss of control theme. Rosemary slowly has more and more control over her life taken from her by her shitty husband, weird neighbors, and horrible doctor and it really starts to ware you down as an audience member. Rosemary's Baby is also terrifying because of how close the neighbors all are to each other. As someone with a hint of agoraphobia I find the idea of constantly having to interact with people that show up to my place stressful and annoying but I think that is used effectively in the film for both the pacing and the vibe.

If you are willing to watch it, it's great. If you aren't willing to watch because of Polanski, I get it. Those concerns considered, this movie is outstanding and powerful, and features wonderful performances.

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