Saw ★★★½

"What the fuck?" - Adam,

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Tobin Bell shows so much range here.

Saw is a phenomena because it is unique, well made, and naughty. Not naughty in a pervy way but in the sense that it's stuff that you don't regularly think of... it's profane and gross and a lot of people like that kind of escape... like me! While the first Saw is not the most fun in the franchise (it starts to get wild later in the series) it's probably the best put together and performed.

While this sometimes get categorized as torture porn it really isn't... it just helped create torture porn. James Wan shows a decent amount of restraint, relative to what could be shown. The movie is well paced, which is difficult for a film that takes place mostly in one room, and it is suspenseful. While the ending has become commonly known online I have to say it blew my mind when I watched this in the theater.

I like it.

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