Se7en ★★★★

"Anyone who spends a significant period of time with me finds me quite disagreeable." - Somerset, speaking on my behalf.

- David Fincher Ranked:

Writing the names of the seven deadly sins in large print on a chalkboard with the completed kills scratched out seems like a total waste of police resources.

I first watched this when I was 16 years old so it imprinted on me and has done a lot to dictate how I think about despair, angst and nihilism in film. The older I become, I find the "brilliance" of the script to be a tad over-rated but have begun to appreciate the aesthetic and approach to this movie more than ever before.

I understand this movie has been ruined for some people by the bros that treat it like a philosophy paper but that ending still hurts and if nothing else is damn entertaining film-making.

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