She Dies Tomorrow ★★

"No, I'm serious... I'm dying tomorrow" - Amy,

- 2020 Ranked:

Tomorrow couldn't come fast enough.

I found the script obtuse just to feel deep, the acting to be rigid, the cinematography and direction to be basic, and the pacing to be atrocious. It's the uncanny valley of cinema... it's bad.. yes it is... no you're wrong it really is. At some point someone will comment on this review with some inane statement about how I just didn't understand this movie and I'll be annoyed that I have to think about this movie again.

But Todd it's a vibe film... just go with the vibes.. Well allow me to clearly say fuck these vibes and to tell people to stop using "it's a vibe film" as an excuse for something being bad. "It's a vibe film" is like saying "it's a popcorn film" or "it's just a blockbuster".... in other words it's often just lazy shorthand for "this film is bad but I still like it and need a way to explain that." I thought the vibe sucked...just like the film. Nihilism has been done much better, desperation has been done much better... this is basic.