Skyfall ★★★½

"Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don't really do that anymore" -Q, well why the fuck not Q, that shit was interesting.

- James Bond Ranked:

Rest in peace Adele's voice.

The people of MI6 are having some troubles. They keep shooting each other and getting attacked and they seem to have some leaks so Ralph Fiennes tries to take it over and that leaves M trusting Bond and Bond alone. Bond goes after the guy that is fucking with MI6 and there you have it, the plot to Skyfall. I think it's fine and dandy.

Skyfall looks fantastic. It's great action cinematography mixed with well-lit scenes filled with super hot people. I just really like looking at the movie. Javier Bardem is creepy as fuck as Silva and I like that he is weirder, like the older Bond villains. The script is coherent, which can't be said for all Bond films, and fun. I don't really love the new Q character. I'm fine with a more modernized Q, and even a young one, but he just feels like a character from any CSI, Criminal Minds, blah blah blah crime procedural show where in the earlier films, the Q scenes always were a unique contribution from the film.

I recommend. Only one more to go!

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