Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

"Well played" - Captain Lando Calrissian,

- Star Wars:

Okay, the part where he gets the name Solo is pretty dumb.... but

Hi, I really like Solo except for how dark the filter on it is. That's right, I really like it and I'm not ashamed because Solo is a cool movie and if you don't like it then you just must not be cool. I think this film is fun and nostalgic and I actually enjoy the crime thriller story. For me the tone is perfect and the cast does a really great job. I think the action scenes are great for the most part and thoroughly enjoyed all of the fan service. This feels like it was made more for old Star Wars nerds and that's me.

Any criticism you want to make of the film I likely either disagree with or don't care about for a few main reasons. First, I think Alden Ehrenreich does a great job with the Han role. I understand if you don't but I do so the film felt really natural and worked for me. Second, I really enjoyed Donald Glover in the Lando role and didn't even find his robot companion that annoying. Third, I love having a Star Wars story that has nothing to do with the Force... I get it the force is cool but I want to explore more of the world and I wish they did more Star Wars stories like this.

I love me some Han and Chewbacca and I don't mind this as Han's origin story.

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