Teeth ★★★

"This does not feel wrong at all" - Dickless Chastity Boy,

I want one of those promise ring t-shirts so bad.

In teeth, a girl has teeth in her vagina and she learns to control them. It should also be mentioned that she is a super christian-y girl who finds out about it when she is raped.... yeah, it's dark but it's a great satire on how men suck and have no idea what's going on down there. The prologue and opening credits are amazing... in fact the whole first act of this film is pretty amazing. After that it become a film that is okay, and a little repetitive, but if you keep up with it long enough you get to see a dog eat a dick which is pretty funny.

Recommended to people that like the movie May, or movies like that. This is a lighthearted dark comedy about a serious topic so only people that can handle weird stuff need apply.

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