The Editor ★★★

"The way you edit with your wooden fingers... it's art" -Assistant,
"Don't talk to me, I could arrest you for that" - The cop,

- Horror Hunt #24 (5/30):

Homage, homage, homage... oh and Udo Kier!

The Editor is a Canadian giallo that takes great care in replicating the music, color, and editing choices of the 1970s Italian movement. The story is one of a master film editor working in a 1970s italian film studio that is below his qualification level. When a series of murders begin to happen the editor becomes a chief suspect in the case. The vibe is surreal and weird as this is a comedy with intense horror. Along these lines I suppose it is fair to call this film a meta commentary on the giallo and horror altogether although because of its uniqueness it avoids some of the trappings of recent meta films.

The Editor somewhat masterfully bites the style of 1970s giallo and does an excellent job parodying the genre while still creating an interesting and unique story. The music and sound effects in The Editor are among my favorite parts of the film. The soundtrack is this intense, synthy jazz rock that feels perfect for the motif being established. The movie looks fantastic if you are into intense lighting, nudity and tons of 1970s style and panache. This comedy looks so much better than anything put together by the tons of hack fraud comedy directors that have been successful in the last decade which is fantastic because it was probably made for a fraction of the price. Everyone looks hip as fuck in the 1970s style so the costumes are definitely something worth celebrating.

Mostly, this movie should be watched because it is funny and interesting. There are a number of moments in The Editor where my jaw literally dropped because I didn't know what to think of the choice... it's fun that way and keeps you guessing. I like how straight everything is played because it's almost like if you were just watching this in the background it would be hard to tell it was a comedy but it is in fact quite funny. There is a lot of word play and other dry humor that I fully appreciate. Those who watch giallo will enjoy all of the little details that homage past greats from the genre.

Recommended to horror and giallo fans as well as people that just like weird satire.