The Gift ★★½

"I feel sorry for you and your brothers, you're mom being a witch and all"- Keanu Reeves,

- Sam Raimi Rankings:

Alright, now that I've seen Cate Blanchett use them, I officially believe in psychic powers.

Annie Wilson (Blanchett), a woman with psychic powers is asked to help find a missing woman (Katie Holmes) and eventually her murderer. The film follows Annie's day to day life of reading people's fortunes along with the criminal investigation. Hillary Swank, Giovanni Ribisi, Katie Holmes, J.K. Simmons, and Greg Kinnear round out a cast that also features Keanu Reeves.

Seeing Keanu Reeves saying racial slurs is real weird for me but other than that the movie is fine. The mystery plot is interesting enough and I incorrectly guessed the killer which rarely happens now that I'm about 700 mysteries into my film watching career. I like Cate Blanchett in this even though her accent is weak. Overall this is very watchable.

I kind of expect Sam Raimi to do more interesting stuff and most of the time he does but then sometimes he has a film which confuses me in tone, structure and performance and that's this. A lot of his films have a real campy quality to them, I'd call it sophisticated camp but camp nonetheless but in this film it just feels like cheeseball acting. I have no idea what Katie Holmes and J.K. Simmons are doing in this movie acting wise and the Giovanni Ribisi subplot is choppy and weird. I just felt like I never completely understood the point of most of the periphery people. Feels like a mess.