The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★½

"Ye has a way with words" - Tom,

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I remain firmly on Team Edward.

Are you fucking kidding me this is great! Two lighthouse keepers on a remote island slowly go crazy. That's it! Wait, except it's made by the dude who directed the Witch and the lighthouse keepers are played by Willem "Don't mess, I'm fucking crazy" Dafoe and Robert "Edward Cullen" Pattinson. Sign me the fuck up for this newsletter.

Now I want all movies to be in black and white and I want to live in the 1890s, when flu was the number one killer of humanity. The cinematography in The Lighthouse is exceptional and I would hang some of these shots on my wall. The performances are outstanding, especially Pattinson's in my opinion, and might both be award-worthy at a cool awards festival. Also, lighting lighting LIGHTING.

This movie is made with style and professionalism but that's not why you should see it. You should see it because it's weird as fuck and things that are weird should be seen and loved. You want Willem Dafoe vomiting while in a christ like merman costume... you got it! You want standoffs with seagulls.... we got you covered. Masturbating... yes. Crying... yes. Bawdy sailor language... yes... YES YES a thousand times YES!


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