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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

"Best to leave it alone." - Thomas... I DISAGREE.

- 2019 Ranked:

2ND Watch- Spoilers Edition- After two watches I'm happy to say that I have a new #1 film for 2019.

(1) The guy RPatts kills/lets die is Ephraim Winslow right? He drunkenly mentions that his supervisor is named Winslow so I'm just checking.

(2) They aren't the same person. No... they aren't. It's actually not even set up for that and they even make fun of the idea. Eggers is also on record that this isn't the case. Nope, they really aren't.

(3) Is it just me or is Pattinson really, really, really good in this movie. Like really good. He's my number one this year for acting I think.

(4) Both times I've seen it I nearly vomited at the point where they show you the full chamber pots. I have a weak stomach.

(5) I think a lot of this movie is just about generational conflict and your standard young vs. old divide. Even though it's set in the 1890s you have an old guard dude and a youngblood. I like how their dialects are distinct from each other to make that point.

(6) Both times, I laughed at the scene where the bird was killed. In one viewing I was the only one, in the other viewing everyone laughed. Peculiar indeed.

(7) This movie really made me want to dance and sing with men in a circle. There doesn't seem to be an app for that.

(8) The second time I watched this film I noticed that Pattinson is actually not that great of a worker and he complains all the fucking time. The first time I was more on his side but now I just kind of think they are both assholes, and that makes me like the movie even better.

(9) Near kissing turning into fighting was the most frat moment of the entire movie. That's just how guys are... kind of gay when alone.

(10) When DaFoe turns into a merman and vomits blood did that freak anyone else out? Also what does that mean? I mean I know that the film really has no full meaning and it's one of those "Well what do you think it means" sort of movies but what did y'all think that means?

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