The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

"My fate did not envision you" - The Northman,

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Sweaty men barking like dogs...I've paid to see that before and I'll pay to see it again.

There was no way, on first viewing, that this would live up to my expectations, although I did enjoy it quite a bit. Eggers is a young favorite of mine and this kind of feels like a studio interfered some with a Robert Eggers project. Specifically, the editing just feels a little off and some of the parts feel corny when I don't believe they are meant to be interpreted that way and some of the dialogue is a little on the nose. I missed a real commitment to period specific language as well. On the good side, the movie is pretty badass and fun. Some of the scenes got audible gasps from me because of the relentless approach to violence. I found the story engaging and, on the whole, appreciate the acting in what were very tough roles.

Not quite what I hoped for, but still pretty good.

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