The Quick and the Dead ★★★★½

"Did I hear cluckin'... did somebody bring a chicken?" - Leo DiCaprio,

- Sam Raimi Rankings:

The Bloodsport of westerns is fucking fantastic.

The Quick and the Dead stars Sharon Stone entering a quick draw, to the death, shooting competition that includes a diversity of western stereotypes played by the likes of Russell Crowe, Gene Hackman, and Leonard DiCaprio. Also Keith David and Lance Henriksen if you know them. It's super dramatic with a badass female lead and the whack-ball directorial style of one Sam Raimi. I think this is a way under-valued film.

This movie is over the top in all the perfect ways and I love it. Sam Raimi somehow makes a movie that is completely like a western and not at all like a western. Each of the duels is an event and has its own directorial style. One is shot in the rain, some are pov, some are crowd angle. The interludes are paced well and feel important. This movie might be especially fun if you've seen enough westerns to recognize subtle homages but I would still recommend this to people on it's own.

Yeah you should watch it? What's that? Well fuck you I challenge to a duel!

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