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This review may contain spoilers.

"I will bring on them disaster they cannot escape. Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them" Jeremiah 11:11, dang...the lord reminds me of my grandma.

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Second Watch: the second watch is fucking great because there is a bunch of new shit you notice. I'm seeing it a third time tomorrow with Mrs. <Todd> and my little <Toddette> and that's when I will make my final judgement but I liked this even more this time. Here are a few thoughts:

(1) Jeers for casting a scientologist...Cheers for killing her character twice

(2) Anus is not a curse word, fuck those parents, I support Jason

(3) The direction of the rabbits in this film is amazing. No seriously, think about how perfect the movement of the rabbits is next time you watch this. That's fucking great.

(4) If I ever have a boat I'm going to name it "Craw Daddy B'yacht'ch"

(5) When Jason runs up to the bird to chase it away, is that a trained bird or was that improv?

(6) Everyone is doting on Lupita for good reason, but the two child actors, especially the daughter, fucking kill it in this movie.

(7) What was that magic trick supposed to do?

(8) The ending worked for me much better this time. In part because I noticed that it is set up far better than I realized the first time.

(9) Are we supposed to think it is possible that Jason was switched?

(10) I used to have that Hands Across America T-shirt. I could sell that to some hipster for bank today.

This movie is entertaining as FUCK.

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