Us ★★★★½

"It's us"

If you're obsessed with the plot holes in a horror film that is mostly meant
metaphorically then you are probably a boring person.

This is my fifth watch of Us. Rewatching some of my favorite films of the year and focusing on the acting. Lupita Nyog'o is, I believe, the most annoyed I am by an Oscar snub this year. Her performance in this film is outstanding, and physical, and emotional, and erratic and weird and I loved it... she might even have my favorite performance of the year.

APPENDIX: Common complaints addressed.

(a) "But Todd, all those plot holes?" - First of all, mostly you are talking about logistics problems and calling them plot holes. How do the underworld people eat and take care of themselves are just questions you have about a world that is not fully clarified for you. As a viewer you have no inherent right to a round of 20 questions about the tethered. In addition, some genres ask you to suspend disbelief for the sake of following a big idea. The film is a metaphor more than a movie you are supposed to cinema sins... man fuck cinemasins.

(b) "That exposition dump is so stupid" - Yep it is. You're right, it was probably a studio note and the movie would be better without it. That all said, I like the Hitchcock approach to shooting it and Lupita nails the monologue.

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