• Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    "I'm not sorry. And I'll not apologize." -Redmond Barry,

    - Stanley Kubrick Ranked: boxd.it/1CabE
    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "Watch a movie that puts you into a serene state of mind"

    Cinematography is one hell of a drug.

    This is one of my all time favorite films. It is beautiful and filled with trashy drama that keeps me entertained for the 3+ hour duration. The sets and costumes are glorious, the script is interesting and the performances are…

  • Rocketman



    "Will you stop sulking?" - John Reid,

    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "Watch a movie that makes you love yourself"

    Being successful is not the same thing as being happy.

    This movie hits me really hard because I can identify with a lot of Elton John's issues. Not fame of course, but the difficulty with hating oneself, the struggle with accepting love, general depression, etc. and I think the film does a really wonderful job of presenting those…

  • Life After Beth

    Life After Beth


    "Now you tell me what the fuck was that?" - Maurie,

    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "#4- watch a film with a letterboxd average that is under 3.0"

    Breaking up is hard to do.

    I didn't really like Jeff Baena's other films... in fact I hated the Little Hours, but something about Life After Beth really clicked for me. I think the horror setting works well for Baena's comedic approach. Aubrey Plaza is so funny in this and…

  • Baraka



    ".............." -..............,

    One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen.

    I think what makes Baraka work so well, even with no dialogue, is that the editing connects the clips in a way that makes sense and gives the footage a larger context and purpose. It's one of the most awe-inspiring things I've ever seen and I will be going to sleep to the score for years to come. Watched this with my dad and really enjoyed talking about all the scenes. It's a soothing and thought-provoking film.


  • The Decoy Bride

    The Decoy Bride


    "Are you going to fight like a man or just throw puffins at me" -James,

    This movie implies that rich people have rights...iffy.

    It's a pretty basic rom com that underuses its interesting premise. The thing to like here are the charismatic performances by Kelly MacDonald and David Tennant, who have a great chemistry together. Other than the two leads the film is pretty standard.

    RomCom enthusiasts only.

  • Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain

    Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain


    "So many people loved him" - Friend

    -2021 Ranked: boxd.it/aL2Ys

    I really want to eat a cobra heart now.

    I barely knew anything about Bourdain going in but wow this is an incredibly thoughtful bio doc about a complex man. The film does such a good job of humanizing Bourdain, choosing to focus quite a bit of energy into showing all facets of his personality as opposed to dwelling on accomplishments or simple questions about his life. The footage they…

  • I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

    I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang


    "I know what I'm talking about see... and some day you're gonna be sorry" -Marie Woods,

    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "Watch a pre-code film"

    I assumed pre-code films had crazy stuff like people marrying monkeys and real on screen murders.... but no it's not true.

    I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang is a thoughtful film about the Man sticking it to the commoner. It's full of tension and grief and very thrilling moments. Paul Muni,…

  • The Aviator

    The Aviator


    "You taught me to fly Howard... I'll take the wheel" - Katherine Hepburn,

    - Martin Scorsese Ranked: boxd.it/2rg1s
    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "watch any film that has won one of the film club tournaments or any film featuring an actor or director that won a tournament. (Dafoe)"

    I don't like when famous people play other famous people.

    It's just a standard biopic with nothing exceptional in terms of vision or story. This film did not make me…

  • Snow Trail

    Snow Trail


    "I am fine" - Toshiro Mifune's character... and boy is he fine.

    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "Watch your favorite actor's first film (Toshiro Mifune)"

    I love movies in the snow.

    Akira Kurosawa is a wonderful writer, Toshiro Mifune is handsome as fuck and Takashi Shimura is one of the all time great character actors. Snow Trail is a pretty decent film but doesn't quite live up to the potential of its components. I enjoyed the general direction…

  • Danger: Diabolik

    Danger: Diabolik


    "Go ahead. All you've got to do is push that button. " -Diabolik,

    - Mario Bava Ranked: boxd.it/cPp3q
    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "14. Watch a movie listed in the top 4 of another FC member (amrit)"

    James Bond could never.

    Fuck your favorite heroes because Diabolik is better than all of them. This film oozes cool from the delightful colors to the smooth as hell score that is lodged in my brain. While I don't always enjoy…

  • Glen or Glenda

    Glen or Glenda


    "There is no escaping the thoughts in a man's mind!" -Scientist,

    - FC 2nd Anniversary Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/cO2m8
    "A film that was banned in the United Kingdom at one point"

    Horrible messages, wonderful camp.

    I can't even begin to imagine what it must have been like to stumble across this film in a theater in 1953. The Bela Lugosi parts are certifiably insane and the stories are horrid but the incompetence of the film-making, the strangeness of the acting, and…

  • Aparajito



    "O Lord of the world, those devoted to you are the blessed ones. Those who worship you are the holy ones. Those who sing your praises... "


    I watched this while waiting in line at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and I cried in the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. It's an excellent film that does such a great job demonstrating cultural divides and the power of dreams.

    Great stuff!