• Lightyear



    "Yeah that didn't work" - Some Space Dude,
    "I was not.... good" - Buzz Lightyear,

    - Pixar Ranked: boxd.it/5eFMu
    - 2022 Ranked: boxd.it/eWNQo

    Even the cat did very little for me.

    I found this pretty unenjoyable. There's nothing about it that really offended me or turned me off and it's competently made, it's just so fucking boring and unextraordinary.

    For Pixar completists and boring children only.

  • Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    "I told you guys I have really big lungs" - Greg,

    - 2022 Ranked: boxd.it/eWNQo

    Deal with it gen Z... you're literally all like this! LITERALLY!!!!

    Everything bad you read about this film will be correct and I can't bring myself to care. Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is consistently fun and engaging with a tone that's like a mashup of Ready or Not and Spring Breakers. The comedy works and while it's a very lighthearted horror, the suspense and thrills are…

  • Bowfinger



    "I just want you to know that you were so real in your response to the aliens." -Carol,

    I just don't know.

    There are some funny parts but as a whole I found this to be pretty empty and boring. Most of the humor fell kind of flat for me and while I enjoy both of the leads and much of the supporting cast, the material never seems to live up to the talent.

    Probably not!

    P.S. All the digs on Ohio really offended me as and Ohioan....I mean dammit everyone we have feelings.

  • The Blood of a Poet

    The Blood of a Poet

    "The drowned mouth seemed to be fading away in a small zone of white light" - Narrator Card,

    Artsy! Honestly I zoned out a lot but it was kind of a pleasant experience anyways?

  • Slaughter



    "Hey Harry.... don't jive me baby!" - Slaughter,

    - Top 50 Blaxploitation: boxd.it/1w5pa

    You're trying to kill Slaughter with a knife? .... Fucking amateurs.

    This has all the trappings of a successful blaxploitation film and Jim Brown's Slaughter is a great character.... I just wish the movie wasn't quite so boring. The films never seems to fully settle on a plot and the supporting cast is a little bit blah, on the whole, despite getting a younger Rip Torn and a drunk Cameron Mitchelle.

    Didn't quite work for me.

  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    "The world is a mess right now" - Celine,

    I'm such a Celine.

  • Xanadu



    "The love that we came to know. They call it Xanadu" - Kira,

    Olivia you were a star.... RIP.

    I love the music and dancing... and that's like 80% of the film.... so I guess I loved the movie. It's really silly and preposterous and ridiculous but it also features Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John doing dance numbers and tons of 1980s vibes.

    If you hate this, I think I get it, but to me it was absolutely lovely.

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    "He either is capable of killing someone, or he isn't" - Detective,

    Women are absolutely terrifying!

    It takes about 20 minutes to get going and then the rest of the film is pretty riveting. I love Ginger Rogers and need to see more. I like Van Heflin. It's a hard film to talk about without spoiling so I'll just say, as a friend of mine is prone to saying... movie good.

    I want a remake of this film.

  • Fallen



    "My whole life people have told me I'm crazy" - Luce,
    "How is this possible?" - Luce,
    "I know what I like" - Cam,

    Sixth watch!

  • Prizzi's Honor

    Prizzi's Honor


    "We've wasted a lot of time" - Charley Partanna

    - John Huston Ranked: boxd.it/eBaWU

    Great cast, but I don't know.. sometimes a film just isn't that good. Onto the next one.

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    "Of course I'm sick of myself" - Jesse,

    If Jesse didn't look like Ethan Hawke he'd be a real prick.... but, he does look like Ethan Hawke.

  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller


    "You think small because you're afraid to think big" - Mrs. Miller,

    - Robert Altman Ranked: boxd.it/bTwyk
    - "Todd 10,000" Scavenger Hunt: boxd.it/hBpLa
    CLUE #1: Watch something on "Todd's Top 250" list. (Progress 4/15)

    Capitalism... it'll bite you in the ass.

    Simply put, this is one of the best films ever made. Altman's direction is great, but this is one of those movies that gets everything right and leaves you wondering why all other movies suck in comparison not just…